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i've been thinking for a while that i should fly

and the view's much nicer from the sky

witch baby

i like to make things out of found objects. they can be tangible objects or fragments of words from others or impressions i take of people not with plaster but with memories of the way that they speak, write, look, smell, feel.

i love new friends. i am not nearly so interesting in my entries as i am in discussion on communities or other peoples entries, i'm afraid. i'm briar, not julia, but it seems that i read a disproportionate number of books with characters called julia.

strawberryjulia comes from strawberry julius, which is a bikini kill song, if you didn't already know. i also like strawberries. and i like to dye my hair pink, sometimes, which is an internationally recognised colour for strawberry flavoured things, even if i have never seena pink strawberry in my life.

i like lots of things. reading my journal will probably tell you more about that.

in fact, reading my journal will tell you more about most things about me. so i'll stop writing.
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