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witch baby
28 April 2009 @ 03:29 am
so, i AM still retiring this blog, partly because i'm losing my connection to the name strawberryjulia. i know julias. it's awkward. i am briar. and i don't want my blogging to hide behind the potential of another name. so, since i'm too much of a cheapskate for a rename token, i'm starting a new journal, because i've realised that i do actually quite love livejournal as a medium with which to write. my tumblr just isn't quite the same.

SO. dear friends, please add me here - briarlaboheme . it's the name i've been using on other things like twitter for a wee while now, and fits me more nicely. i also feel it's marking an era of change in my life, in some ways, change for the better, for more art, for more freedom, and for moving into a world of Living like i really want to. when i'm awake and have time, i'll go through and add you fair people, but if you want to give me a head start, feel free to add me first. i think i'm going to go for public entries in this blog... i don't really know why i felt strawberryjulia had to be a private place. i'm not sure. it's all organic.

anyway, this is the last entry in strawberryjulia , and coincidentally, from when this paragraph finishes, it is also the first entry in briarlaboheme . see you there, i hope.

she was so proud that he had taught her to roll her own and she twisted the end so carefully and we passed it between ourselves because apart from jc we are all free now, free until august comes, or september, or whenever they start classes again, or july, if you're me and you're going back to the place in the other hemisphere so the semesters and academic years are all different.

we drank wine, both red and white but we are all old enough and classy enough that each colour stayed segregated, there was no pink in our glasses. valerie and i drank the red, the others drank the white and then some red when the white was gone. we were all happy, giggling and watching some indian-canadian comedian on emily's laptop - well, some of us watched, i just watched the way the apple glowed in the dark of the porch, because now summer is teasing montreal and we are all realising that outside can be beautiful, not just picturesque. it was warmer outside than inside today. i love it. i opened my window for the first time.

we came inside, julie and tara went home to the home that is soon going to be emily and valerie's, because we like to mix things up. val said, laughing, because she was the most affected of all of us, that jordan had asked if i got many guys with my accent. i sipped my wine as we all laughed and i shook my head. i've never discussed my love life with my roommates. i haven't had reason to. i haven't gotten any guys, or any girls. maybe i'm not loud and obnoxious enough that people notice.

we ate my cookies and graham crackers and salada type crackers that apparently cause arguments between my flatmates as to whether they are saltines of soda crackers. they are just crackers, to me. val made emily and i cream cheese and cracker stacks. i had some plasticky mozzerella on crackers. we nearly made smoothies, but had a pot of tea instead. it was really rather lovely tea.

nights like this, though they don't happen often, are a reason i will miss montreal.

a couple of days ago, arjun asked how i was so awesome. how i just went to a country, and did awesome things. how they happened to me. this was, of course, in the context of all the amanda craziness that has happened, specifically coachella. which i will try to write about some day, by the way. it's just very hard to try to actually come up with the words and letters to describe the experience. it needs gestures and tonal quality to get the whole story across.

tomorrow - well, today, really, i am going to brave the metro and the two buses that it takes to get to the air canada cargo office. i am going to drag my suitcase with me, and i am going to send it back to new zealand. it's starting. the end is beginning. i leave montreal for the last time on friday.

and then? i arrive in new york. i meet bethofalltrades at the kosziuscko st station, and we walk back to her house that is, for the next two months, also my house. kayla and i are going to live there. in brooklyn. in new york city, centre of the universe. we are going to busk, and i think i'm going to try out being a living statue.

life is beginning.

witch baby
06 April 2009 @ 11:56 am

Originally uploaded by bethhommel
photo by the ever-wonderful beth hommel. i love new york. and I have to leave, again, tonight. i can't wait until i come to a point in time when i don't have to, at least not for a while, or until i'm ready to. for now, every little couplet of days is cruel temptation of what i really, really want.
witch baby
20 June 2008 @ 06:16 pm
friends only.

tell me a story about a bear and a balloon and a tea party.

or tell me one about yourself. if you prefer. just a sentence. just a word. but choose carefully.

i'll add you if you are a good story-teller.